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Basic Eye Health and Visual Exam
Dr. Richardson's  basic eye exam is very thorough and includes screening for glaucoma, diabetes, cataracts, and other health concerns.   He will also determine your vision prescription for glasses. 


Contact Lens Evaluation
If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, he will do a contact lenses evaluation to find out which contacts will give you the best comfort and fit.


For Eye Infections or Minor Injury
Dr. Richardson has a certificate in Ocular Drug Therapy. He will evaluate your condition and prescribe needed medications or treatments.   If you need further evaluation, he will refer you to an appropriate specialist.


Lasik Pre and Post-Operative Care
Dr. Richardson is a certified  provider of   pre- and post-operative care for Lasik eye surgery.


Cataract Post-Operative Care
Dr. Richardson also provides post-operative care for cataract surgery and help in selecting post-cataract glasses.


Our Usual Hours are:
Mon - Thurs  9:30 - 5:30
Friday          9:30 - 12:30

Saturday by appointment

Call:  (208)  233-1551


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Dr. Richardson will explain the exam as he works so you'll   understand what each procedure is for.

The Basic Visual Exam checks the health of your eyes on the inside and out.  When Dr. Richardson looks inside your eyes, he is also checking your blood vessels, retina, and optic nerve. 

During the refraction, you will help the doctor by choosing between different lenses.  This is the classic, "One? or Two?" part of the exam.  The lenses help the doctor measure several different curves on your eyes which he will use to calculate your eyeglass prescription..

He will also measure your depth perception, focusing ability, and any need for additional power when reading.


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