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What is this a picture of?

What is an Optical Illusion?

We see an optical illusion when the signals sent by our eyes to our brain are misinterpreted.   Our eyes only send data, bits of electrical energy.  The brain  uses our past experiences to understand  and recognize the data as an image.   Sometimes certain images trick our brain into seeing something that is not quite there.  We hope you enjoy fooling your brain with these optical illusions!

Is this an old woman or a young woman?  Or is it both!



Even when your brain is sent this "spotty" information, it can usually interpret it.

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Impossible directions
Our brain sees what it thinks is an everyday
object, but something is wrong!

Stare at this image for a minute
then look at a blank white surface.

As our eyes perceive the light in an image, chemicals in our eyes are used up momentarily.  This results in a negative after-image.